William’s first fan club

After the birth of my beautiful boy, I was in the hospital for four days.  The stay was fine, as hospital stays go.  I had a private room because I have a latex allergy.  The nurses said it was easier to have a ‘no-latex’ sign on the door than try and keep latex products away from a bed on a ward.  I was happy for the privacy and not lonely as Adam stayed with me from 10am til 8pm every day.  William had been born on New Year’s Eve and for that first night the staff were good enough to let Adam stay for the whole night.  New Year has always been a very special time for me – a time to reflect on the past year, take stock of what I have achieved and set myself a few goals for the coming year.  This New Year hands down beat any and all previous New Years.  On our way into the hospital the morning of the birth we’d been travelling in at some awful time in the morning.  I was a bundle of nerves and starving hungry!  I wasn’t allowed to eat anything due to the planned surgery.  In the car, we were listening to our usual local radio station.  The topic for the phone-in was ‘what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?’, unbeknown to me, Adam had messaged in to say we would be celebrating with our first child, due to be born by caesarean section that morning.  He knew it would take my mind off the nerves even if only for a few minutes when they read his message out.  Well, as you can imagine, his message caused quite the stir at the radio station and, instead of just reading the message out, they rang us.  Adam was driving so I had a quick chat with them explaining we were just getting to the hospital and we were both nervous about the operation but, overriding this, excited to be meeting our child.  The radio asked if they could keep in touch through the day and broadcast the story as it happened.  Little did we know the story would be followed by so many people.  The station had folk ringing in asking if William had been born yet as they didn’t want to go out shopping until they’d heard all was well and if we’d had a boy or a girl.  After William was born, Adam rang our parents first to give them the news and then he rang the radio to share our happy news with them too.  They kept in touch with us over the next few days and we took William in to meet them a week or so later.  Already William had his fan club growing by the day..


2 thoughts on “William’s first fan club

  1. Great story for William later on. Great story to read. I wish you and your family many blessings in life and a Merry Christmas and New Year to begin with.


    1. Thank you! That is one of the main reasons I’m writing these stories down – so William will know them in the future. The other thing I do is to write William letters (old style with pen and paper), then post them to him at our home. Once they arrive I don’t open them, just put them in a box for him for when he’s older. They are just the day to day things we do with a few photos. I know I’d be fascinated to read letters from my mum from when I was a little one and hopefully William will be interested in them too.
      Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year xx


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